Karyst: The Shadowy Histories

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For more than four hundred years, a heavy shadow has weighed on the world. Feuds, war and folly have brought ruin down on the world, and left its people lost and desolate. What remains is a mere glimmer of what once was. The great kingdoms of men, ravished by greed, torn asunder through civil war, are reduced to little more than disparate fiefdoms. The elves in their folly sought to challenge the gods, and brought ruin upon themselves. The storied cities of Eldimoor which once held the greatest stores of knowledge ever known, were torn apart by feuds, felled by sword and spell, and laid to waste by the lords of the abyss. Barbarous and savage beings walk freely across the land, proclaiming their dominion through might and fire. The civilized peoples struggle to hold the emerging darkness at bay, a seemingly endless battle where every gain is tempered by what was lost. It is all they can do to hold to the light, dwelling amidst the shadows, in fear of the dark.

This is Karyst, and these are the Shadowy Histories.


About Karyst

Karyst is a fantasy world setting for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. The design of Karyst is meant to focus on roleplaying and character development, rather than a typical combat-focused setting. The intent is to provide a setting in which players and DMs are not limited by a rich but restrictive world history, but rather have great latitude to forge their own based on the deeds of their characters.